School Papr

Changing the way schools communicate with parents

Reduce paper expenses and Increase parent engagement

Reduce paper expenses

Instant access to important information at your parents' fingertips!

Paper is a very expensive resource for schools. Providing a native app for your school will help you save thousands on paper expenses. Newsletters, calendars, schedules, and student handbooks can all be accessed instantly by parents. Not only will School Papr save you money, but it will save you valuable time by freeing up the front office for other important obligations. 

This is an expensive way to communicate with parents (2)

Custom Designs That Represent Your School

Every school has it own identity

Every school has it’s own unique identity. At School Papr, we understand the importance of strengthening your school’s brand and culture. Your school’s logo will be displayed in the App and Google Play store and you will be able to customize every detail of the in-app experience for your users. For example, you may add your school colors and make seasonal changes to the color scheme during holidays.

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School Papr has been instrumental in helping our school effectively communicate with parents. We have also drastically reduced our paper expenses! These savings allow us to appropriate money toward resources that will have a direct impact on student achievement.
Haley Bonilla, KIPP Dream Prep


We are a technology company dedicated to creating simple solutions for schools and parents. Through mobile applications and software, we are able to strengthen the school to parent communication. We understand how difficult it can be as a parent in the 21st century. Our apps are specifically designed to meet the needs of busy parents and instantly provide relevant information at the touch of a button.


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